4 Generations

“Women are creators, we make families and connect generations together”



Happy Thanksgiving! 

This year i am extremely grateful for my family God has blessed me with. Hope everyone enjoys there thanksgiving with your loved ones!  #thanksgiving #family #SweetPea #whatareyouthankfulfor 


Going From Formula to Rice Cereal..

Our Sweet Pea has finally hit the 4 month mark and it is time to try Rice Cereal, luckily it hasn’t been a success. I tried giving her some with a spoon, and instead I got the yucky face and she spit it right out! Doctor recommend to move her straight into Vegetables instead & see how she likes that. Let’s hope this work?! Did any mommies have this Problem?  


Mexican Traditions

Growing up every year my grandmother would put up a “El nacimiento de Jesus” in other words  “the nativity of Jesus” Every year it would get bigger and bigger, to the point where she took half of the living room! It has been a tradition every year for her to build since my mother was a little girl and I hope to continue it with my Sweet Pea!