“My Grandmother Nacimiento”

As you have read in my previous post I have talked about my Grandmother traditions, well she has finally made it on TV for everyone to see! Check the link below for a video of what she creates every year for Christmas..




Global Winter Wonderland

We had an amazing time at the Global Winter Wonderland in Sacramento, CA.. 

They had amazing ice show & lots of fun light castles, animals, fairies and much more to look at! Our sweet pea was amazed with the snow and loved looking at all the lights. Can’t wait to bring her back as she gets older… 


SweetPea 1st Trip to Sacramento, CA

Our SweetPea has finally took her First trip to Sacramento, after a 7 hour drive our little girl has finally came to visit her Grandpa & Grandma. They were very surprised to see her! For being 5 months old she did an amazing job on the road, not once was she fussy! Can’t wait to take her around Downtown Sacramento.